Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shades of Autumn: Brown

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Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge 

I am so loving this photography challenge!! Thank you so much Alicia, Kristi & Rebecca for hosting this!

Yesterday my Little man decided he wanted to make Gingerbread cookies. We used the Betty Crocker mix from a bag, quick, easy, turned out perfectly. It seemed like the perfect thing to photograph for this challenge... but I also know how much the hosts of his challenge like outdoors shots so I took my camera outside with me while my girls were at school and my boys were taking a nap.

I tried something new - I put a macro filter on my 55-200 lens. The result? It blew my mind. Not at all what I was expecting. I now had a tiny little depth of field and a magnification that made the sweetgum balls turn into abstract art.

this is one of my favorites from this session - not brown, but I just had to include it!
I was inspired by the photo from Jenny Rain last week and was thinking of that as I took this.

Below are photos I took without the macro filter - but still with my 55-200mm lens. I love all of the different variations and shades of brown there are - right in the backyard.

I brought a few of my favorite pine cones inside to photograph. I still used my long lens (even though I almost never shoot with my 55-200 indoors) and I really like the result.

There's still time to link-up with my photography challenge as well. I'll be picking my top five this weekend!

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