Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Photography Challenge: Still Life

At the moment I'm incredibly busy. My Simply Basics Photography e-class started today - so far, so good! This seems like it's going to be a great group of women. Today was yet another reminder of why I need to work on my organizational skills though.  I'm also working on my Simply Style e-class. I wrote about half of the first tutorial today and hope to get the rest of it out and to my Test Drive group before Wednesday. It's coming together beautifully but at the same time I'm kinda' freaking out about it. There is so much I want to communicate but it's really important to me that I do so gradually and not just have an information dump all at once, so there is a lot of tweaking within the framework of the class before I can even get to writing the material. I also finally ordered some canvass prints of my kids. I got a really good deal and am so far super-happy with the experience. I can't wait to share my experience with y'all once they come in.

I really enjoyed all of your blooper photos from last week!! They kept me laughing, that is for sure. But how do you judge bloopers? So this week there won't be a top five. However I did want to mention a few stand-outs. It was so awesome to have Ashley Sisk participating this week! I also really enjoyed the series a photos on WyTography. Thank you to everyone who linked up this week! Y'all kept me smiling all week long.

Winners from last week's vote! 
You voted and here are your favorites -
Natural Beauty My Life Just As It Is
LOL Bunch of Barrons

This week's theme was Still Life so I knew I needed to prepare for this week's challenge and be intentional to carve out time to complete this challenge. It took a bit of musing to figure out a theme for my still life, but then as I was browsing through my archives on Flickr the other day I came across this photo and knew I wanted to re-create it (only better) for this week's still life.

My pears got pretty much destroyed during the process of trying to photograph them. I took a bunch of photos of them outside and have a several with some nice sunflare, I also included my purple scarf in a few hoping that I would be able to post a photo for the Shades of Autumn photo challenge over the weekend (which still hasn't happened - but it will!!)

So here's my photo for this week's challenge. It's SOOC. Hopefully I can post some other edits and versions of the shot.

If you haven't linked up with me before here are a few points of bloggy good manners:
Please link up an original photo - one that you took, not something pretty you found on Pinterest. Those posts are awesome and we all enjoy them but it's not good manners to link that up with a photography challenge. 
Please link up your blog post/Flickr page url and not just your blog. So for example the link should look like this:http://faith-simplicity.blogspot.com/2011/10/thankfulness-on-monday.html  and not this: http://faith-simplicity.blogspot.com/
Please link back to my blog you can do this by copying and pasting my button code (which you'll find the code for in the handy-dandy box at the top of this post!) into your post, a text link is also fine. Because I'll be choosing a top five please include the link back either directly above or directly below the photo you are linking up thanks - that will help me a lot.
Please leave comments on the other participants blogs at least two or three would be best - it's more fun if you get comments when you link up! 

You can link up either to your blog or to a Flickr page, you don't have to have any certain level of camera or skill to participate - everyone is welcome! 

Next week's theme is "Your Favorite Photo"

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