Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photography Challenge: Gratitude

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog! It means a lot to me that y'all keep coming back and keep participating. This week's theme is gratitude. Don't we have so much to be thankful for? Even during the rather suckish seasons of life there is always a long, long list of reasons for gratitude. 

I was totally planning to do a photoshoot of Eli to post this week - I'm sure I would have made you swoon. He is pretty much nothing but smiles these days - and the most adorable happy baby talk you've ever heard. I am so grateful for him and his presence in my life. But  the photo shoot didn't happen. So I was kinda shuffling some ideas around in my head. Then I was inspired by Tiffany's (of June Makes Six) photo from last week's challenge and decided to post an oldie.

This was from soooooooooooo long ago - like eight years ago. (Alright - you can stop laughing now) Beth is about two in this photo and she will be turning ten next week! This photo reminds me to be thankful that I've made it this far. 

This photo was taken just when our family turned a corner towards a brighter future. My hubs and I had gone through a pretty tough six months we had both suffered through some pretty serious depression and were living with my parents. A few months after this photo was taken we were back in our own place again, the hubs started a good job in the career he is still in and we got our first lesson on what a difference it makes when you have real honest friendships in your life. 

There have been times over the years between then and now when I wasn't sure I'd make it this far as a wife and mom or even just as a person. I'm battered and bruised but so much stronger and am a very different person (for better or worse - hopefully mostly better) than the 20 year old me in this photo. Today I am thankful to be married, to be a mom, to be alive. And of course - I'm thankful for you!! Having this blog and my photography classes has been a great experience and I have made such great friends here. 

If you haven't linked up with me before here are a few points of bloggy good manners:
Please link up an original photo one that you took, not something pretty you found on Pinterest. Those posts are awesome and we all enjoy them but it's not good manners to link that up with a photography challenge. 
Please link up your blog post/Flickr page url and not just your blog. So for example the link should look like this:http://faith-simplicity.blogspot.com/2011/10/thankfulness-on-monday.html  and not this: http://faith-simplicity.blogspot.com/
Please link back to my blog you can do this by copying and pasting my button code (which you'll find the code for in the handy-dandy box at the top of this post!) into your post, a text link is also fine. Because I'll be choosing a top five please include the link back either directly above or directly below the photo you are linking up thanks - that will help me a lot.
Please leave comments on the other participants blogs - it's more fun if you get comments when you link up!  
You can link up either to your blog or to a Flickr page, you don't have to have any certain level of camera or skill to participate - everyone is welcome! 
The theme for this week is to share what you are grateful for, but that's just a suggestion. You can link up even if your photo doesn't really fit the challenge theme.
Next week's theme is "Eyes"

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