Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My less-than-wordless-Wednesday

love this one
It's time.

I've been waiting, procrastinating. 

I said I was going to do it at the start of summer.

and didn't.

It's time to change.

Eesh. I don't like change.

But it's gotta happen.

During December I'll still be posting photos of my adorable kids and posting the weekly photography link up that you look forward to      all      week      long.       (ha!) But I will also be re-designing my blog, re-branding and eventually, re-naming.

You see there is this other Simplicity  and they are the real deal. They probably don't even know I exist.  I don't want to try to compete with them and while I have loved being "Simplicity" and "Simply Photography" it's time to move on.

and I'm a wreck about it.

I have NO IDEA what I'm doing or what I will do.

But as scary as blank pages are...

They are a place of new beginnings.

I'll be spending my time reading about writing ,  reading about business, and learning more about website design

I'll also be doing this insanely fun, though not at all original, thing on my blog. Someone who I follow on Google+ did it a few weeks ago and I have been dying to do the same thing ever since. I'll be stripping my blog down to nothing and building it back up from the ground up.

And I'm inviting you in on the process!! 

The hubs will thank you at the end of it I'm sure ;)  I'm sure you'll be saving him from endless conversations about fonts - and he only has the pre-loaded ones on his laptop. That's how much he doesn't care about fonts. He listens to me anyway, but it would be way more fun to have a go at hashing it out with other people who care about this too... like I could have an entire conversation just on serifs. Is that weird?

So there.

I've said it now.

Here we go!

P.S. The photo at the top is from my very first paid gig - it's loose leaf tea.

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