Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday Morning Coffee... even though it's not morning, and it's not Friday.

I was inspired by this post at I should be folding laundry I really enjoyed this peek into her house... so here goes nothing.

I'm holding Eli and drinking coffee while I'm writing this. It's Pumpkin Spice from Green Mountain Coffee (for my Keurig) and it's heavenly! I think my love language must be gifts, because when the hubs brought that home with him on Friday I was over the moon. This is probably my third cup of coffee today. It's been pretty chilly today! I also made some muffin bread and this coffee tastes so good with the muffin bread. But lots of coffee makes me kinda' bitchy so I need to cut myself off.

Beth just finished playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii - this is one of the best games we've bought for the kids. I really want to get them Just Dance Kids or buy some more songs for them during Thanksgiving break. And now the kids are watching some Disney Channel. finally some peace and quiet. (oh man, this coffee is so good!) Katie-Abigail is finally eating some lunch, which she made herself. When I offered to make her lunch earlier she just sat there, picking her toenails saying "no" to everything I offered.

Right now I've got the laundry going. I've been slacking on the laundry lately. It's crazy how quickly each day is going by these days! Housework has been at the bottom of my to-do list, until the weekend comes and I become a whirling fury mom-on-a-mission. The kids weren't real happy when they heard that I wanted them to fold their laundry (why do we do this every time? I'm so glad my mom made me learn how to do laundry - so the fights are so worth it)  This load has been in the dryer forever. It's got to be dry by now!

Aw... Eli fell asleep. I just adore how he sleeps on me. Sometimes I think I'd like a whole day - just to sit and hold him. He is so sweet and soft.

Daniel (aka the hubs) is away at a college football game. He left at like 4am and won't be back till late. So I get to go solo today - including a birthday party later today. I'm a little nervous about it, going out with all five by myself is not my favorite thing to do but a mamas gotta do what a mamas gotta do. Plus, I really like this friend's mom and am glad to have that extra "motivator" today to get the housework done before the party. My recycling is overflowing. I need to sort it and pack it up and take it to the recycling center across the street.

Emma decided to make sandwiches for herself and Josiah. It is so sweet when they decide to do this. I have to practically leave the kitchen because I want to "show" them how to do it better and usually end up taking over.

The dog is barking. I am so over this dog. Every time I turn around it seems like this dog is barking at something or about something or chewing up one of the kids toys. I even found her trying to chew on one of my favorite pairs of shoes!

The show the kids are watching is the episode of Good Luck Charlie when the girls go out to watch "Dawn" which makes me think of the new Twilight movie that's coming out. I'm not sure if I want to see it  in the theaters or not. I really liked the other movies but they seriously messed up my emotional equilibrium, because life is not as romantic or dramatic as a teenage saga. It also seems like it would be kinda inappropriate to bring my nursing baby along, but I'm not sure I could leave him. The longest I've left him is with Daniel for about ten minutes to get a loaf of bread from the grocery store down the street.

Katie-Abigail is yelling "stop looking at me!" again. Ugh. Sometimes I think it takes the brilliance of a brain surgeon to raise that child. She is a tricky one for sure. Drives me crazy but love her to pieces. She behaves a bit bi-polar sometimes. It's either "the best day ever!!!" or "I hate you and I wish you were dead" um, is there an option "C"?

My coffee cup is empty now and I'm thinking about that muffin bread but I'm trying to save the other loaf for tomorrow... I guess it's time to go put Eli in his bed and get the kids ready for the birthday party. If they're good we might rent Judy Moody tonight.

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