Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eli and his little teether "Sophie"

I ordered this giraffe teether for Eli a while ago. I just had to have it. It seemed so trendy. I couldn't wait to photograph Eli with it. Finally the day came when I was ready to let Eli try to hold it. WOW - watching him struggle to grasp it reminded me what an amazing thing motor skills are! 

The toy is made out of 100% natural and okay-for-baby-to-try-to-eat materials and comes from France! That's pretty cool. You can get yours here

On to what you really want to see now: 
by the way, as usual these are all SOOC. 

 This teether is also a squeaker. Eli thinks it's hilarious.

 I thought it was really cute that he was wearing a giraffe sleeper too.

Josiah also thinks that this new toy is the coolest thing ever and is happy to squeak it for Eli... for as long as I can take it!

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