Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Catching up

Happy Thanksgiving from the Raider Family!
Yesterday was a very Monday kind of Monday... it was rainy, my kids were tired, it was my first full day home from our weekend out of town and Eli pretty much wanted to be held all day long. So yeah, I'm pretty much trying to catch up on everything at the moment, and this week's photography challenge is just one of many things that is still waiting to be done.

Emma & Eli at my parent's house
So how was your weekend? We left on Thursday to visit with my parents (yay for time with my mom and sisters!!) and then spent the weekend with the hub's mom. I am so thankful that we live close enough to visit our families at every holiday (even some of the minor ones). I spent most of the weekend babysitting my niece because her dad is in the hospital with a possibly life-threatening infection, he's got type 2 diabetes and has had a really hard few years with a lot of sickness and infections so it hasn't taken anyone by surprise but that doesn't make it any less stressful.   We're also all waiting on pins and needles for my sister in-law to give birth to her second baby. It's at times like these that I hate living three hours away from our family. I love where I live at the moment but it sucks not being able to be really helpful. I've also found myself missing my brother a lot this holiday season. So long story short I'm wiped out and struggling just to keep up with necessities.

(L) Eli sleeping on the hubs  (R) Mum watching Beth play on the iPad

Today is my oldest's birthday - Beth (aka Big Sister) is already ten years old!! It sure has not gotten any easier now that she's older. It's less physically demanding but much, much  more complicated. She celebrated her birthday with breakfast out with her Daddy but ended up with her head in the toilet before leaving for school. Poor baby. This weekend she learned how to play chess with her Papa - I think it might be her new favorite game.

Papa & Katie-Abigail playing Chess
Did you end up doing any Christmas shopping done over Black Friday/Cyber Monday? I did not do one dollar of shopping. I kinda wanted to participate in Small Business Saturday because I so dig the concept but the timing didn't work out for me. Some of my affiliates are continuing their Cyber Monday sales through to today - Imagekind, Blurb, Tiny Prints, Zazzle & MyPublisher are all having big sales - now is also a great time to update your gear on Amazon as they have some killer sales going on right now.
The hubs took this pic on his iPhone4S at my parent's house
 Here are some photos I took of my Little Man at Mum & Papa's house:

This wooden rifle was made for my uncle and has been in the family for probable forty years. Josiah had a great time playing with it. I sat beside him and we used our imaginations for a good half hour. He was so quiet about it, I was really surprised. I guess he doesn't realize how much noise guns make.

Below are some photos - just an ordinary moment in the life here. I dug out a kindergarten workbook for Josiah to play with and we did a rock sorting activity.

Okay - so I'm not going to make any promises about what may or may not be happening at the blog this week. I've got some great ideas for posts this week which may (or may not) be published this week. I'm also working on a holiday gift and gear guide so if you've got questions and/or suggestions be sure to let me know!

Don't forget to get ready to participate in this week's SWAP at The Bartering Blogger on Thursday!!


There will be prizes!!! $10 gift cards to Easy Canvases for everyone who participates! Also a gift card to Bath and Body Works for one random participant.

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