Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: golden hour

The last two days have been crazy here. My sweet little Katie-Abigail woke up with one of the worst cases of an allergic reaction to poison ivy that I've ever seen. She's working on day#2 home from school and her medicine is making her extra grumpy, on top of the itchy grumpy and not sleeping well grumpy.
Last night I was so tired I didn't even check my email! (And as someone who practically lives online that is really tired.) I have a feeling today is going to be pretty rough too.
So I'm just bopping in really quickly to post a few more photos from Sunday and that beautiful golden light...

All of these are sooc (StraitOutOfCamera) and while I think that they would probably look better with a little processing I'm completely at a loss as to what direction to go in - I'm really loving this perfect imperfection look - underexposed and soft focus. It feels really good to let myself go there after being worried about having "perfect" photos for so long. Growing your skills and continually getting better is good but sometimes it's nice to do something different.

NapTime MomTogand then, she {snapped}

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