Thursday, October 27, 2011

things I did today

played Candy Land with Josiah & Katie-Abigail (aka "the littles")
unpacked boxes of DVDs that have been sitting in the garage since we moved
(it's what KA wanted to do today)
had a dance party with the littles to the end credit music of their movie
unpacked boxes of little kid books
read books
listened to Katie-Abigail read to me
ate chocolate cake in a bowl of milk
looked through photo albums
listened to CDs I haven't played in years
settled a gazillion fights
said "Josiah, stop!" and "Katie-Abigail, calm down" at least a hundred times

Katie-Abigail, reading to me
her poor face is so itchy!

things I didn't do today
reply to emails
read any blogs (boo)
take a good photo with my "big" camera.
cook dinner (I'm so thankful for sweet hubbys who pick up dinner on the way home!)

I am somewhat in awe of my former-self that managed to stay at home all day, every day with all of my kids and I still managed to cook dinner every night and get at least a little bit of stuff done, even when my kids were littler. This is hard. I have to be on and stay on every single minute. If I stop to send a tweet or read my Facebook page I'm interrupted by fights and literally have to pull the kids off of each other. The doctor warned me that this medicine that Katie-Abigail is taking is mood altering and she might be more fragile. I wasn't mentally prepared for how exhausting that would be for me. By two o'clock I'm exhausted, by five I'm beat, by eight I'm falling asleep in my chair. I finally just got my shower - at ten pm.

This is hard. 

Smiling helps. When I feel like I'm starting to loose it I smile at Eli and bask in his huge, infant grin. I hug my kids and tell them how much I love them. Even though at the moment I'm wishing I could just hand the baby to Daniel the moment he walks in the door. I remind myself that this is only for a little while and everything will be easier soon. I take a moment to be grateful that my situation could be lots worse but it's not. I am so blessed. I put on some nice music and remind myself again that I'm so blessed.

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