Monday, October 31, 2011

Product Review: My Publisher

MyPublisher, Inc.
I recently found a new photo book publisher called My Publisher. I liked their fan page on Facebook and got a coupon code for a free mini-book. So I ordered one and got it in the mail at the end of last week. When I saw that envelope in the mail it was like Christmas had come early to my house - it came  just in time to give to my mother in-law who had come for the weekend! Perfect timing, perfect little gift.

I knew, from the moment I started ordering this that it was something I wanted to share with y'all so here we go. My thoughts on My Publisher and the mini photo book.

Ease of order: sometimes I honestly don't care how wonderful a product is - if I can't order it quickly I'm just not going to complete my order. Ordering a photo book needs to be easy to understand, simple to use and highly visual but above all it must be easy to control. All of these needs are satisfied with the mini-book. 

The uploader was very easy to use, even with my huge file sizes from using my D700. Some photobook uploaders require that I re-size my photos in order to use their uploader but I didn't have a problem with that.    

Once the photos were loaded I was able to pick where each photo would go. It was really easy to manipulate the order of the photos. Not quite as easy as blurb but definitely not frustrating.

I was really hoping that I'd be able to put two vertical images side by side in this layout. I wasn't able to do that - so I had a bunch of white space (or I could have chosen to fill the page and crop the image). It doesn't look great this way, but at least I was able to load those images and maintain the balance of the original composition.

Price: this is one of the things that I really like about My Publisher- their prices are definitely on the low end.  Maybe not the craptastic supercenter low prices, but super-low. For example - the mini book that I ordered is regularly only $2.49 - I'd pay that much for a greeting card! I've been getting their promotional emails for a couple weeks and they are always running a really great sale of some kind or another.

Here is just one of them:
MyPublisher 50% Off next PhotoBook

Quality of Product: I was very satisfied with the quality of the product I received considering the price that I paid for it. The printing is clear, the colors are good, the binding is sturdy.

This is a truly mini book! I photographed the mini book next to a quarter so you would get a better idea of how truly tiny this photo book is. It's about the size of a business card. However this would be an awesome thing to add to Thank You notes after a wedding or birthday party with a few favorite photos from the event - or at a wedding with photos of the couple. I will definitely be printing these up for my Aunts and Uncles that we don't see as often as we'd like and I know my nieces and nephews will just adore these little books. I printed this one up as a grandma's brag book. I would also like to print one of these to have with my to show people examples of my photography so if we get into a conversation about taking photos of their kids I could show them what I do and then hand them a business card. It's small enough that I could have it with me all of the time without having to lug around a portfolio. 

For the sake of full disclosure: While I did sign up for their program in my affiliate network and will get commission, I wouldn't blog about a product that I wasn't 100% behind, so let me give you my honest opinion about this product. This is not for professionals. If I were a professional photographer I would not use this to print mini books for my clients. 

The reason why is mostly because of the condition of the cover. Although it's printed on a heavier  slightly glossy cardstock than the rest of the book I guess it's not heavy enough - or maybe the packaging needs to be  re-done - I don't know exactly why but I thought that the outside binding and cover were less than 100% perfect. Below you can see that the back cover was slightly discolored by a red sheet of paper that was inserted into the package - a "thank you" note, sorta.

However, with that being said I am really excited about My Publisher for personal use and can't wait to try out their other products. I'll be printing a bigger book soon, they also sell calendars and photo cards and offer gift certificates.

Because I'm involved in their affiliate program I have a really great offer to pass along to you: MyPublisher, Inc.

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