Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh Fall how I love thee

I'm sitting here by my window, wearing a sweater (oh the bliss!) eating a nice warm bowl of chicken white chili soup (because I added too much of the chicken broth from the baked chicken) with black beans and corn, studded with bits of sour cream that make this mama happy. I made a nice cheesy quesadilla to go with it but I sat down at the computer to check on my photography students and totally forgot about it! So I'm dipping it in my chili and calling it good. I've got a big pot of red chili in the crock pot - and just knowing that dinner will be happily simmering away while I slog through homework with my kids is a huge relief - I had not even anticipated how happy it would make me feel. The leftover chili will make a terrific arizona wagon wheel over the weekend which will make the hubs quite happy after all of the mac and cheese, hot dogs and chicken nuggets he's had to endure lately.

I love fall. I love starting to use the oven and my crock pot again. I love making hot soups and chilis, baking rolls and biscuits and cornbread and muffins - but in my flip-flops. I love wearing sweaters again and love sleeve t-shirts. I love wearing my jeans again and opening up the windows to let in the fresh air after the sweltering summer. I love the chilly evenings and snuggling up under my quilt with my hubs while we watch TV at night and the cold morning that call for snuggles with my kiddos and hot bowls of oatmeal.

I also love to colors of fall, we're even planning a road trip up to the North Georgia Mountains to see some of the fall colors there and I expect that I'll take a gazillion pictures while we're there. So I am really looking forward to photographing the colors of fall during this link-up series with AliciaKristi and Rebecca.

This week's theme is green which was a really tricky one for me to figure out. Sure - there is green all around me but I couldn't figure out what I really wanted to photograph for this challenge. I've got a photo from this spring that would be great - but no, that's cheating. Would some chili on a green plate count? Not really. Surely I can come up with something for this challenge, right? I'm sure when I look through everybody else's photos I'll be slapping myself upside the head and declaring "why didn't I think of that?!" but for better or worse, this is what I've got.

I just took my camera outside with my this morning and took a hundred photos (more or less) of things that were more or less green. There was another that I almost used for this challenge you can see it here on my Flickr page but I thought it had too much red in it, I also added a few of my favorites from this morning to my Facebook page.

Update: I noticed that everyone was posting multiple photos so I thought I'd add some more photos to this post (yay!) squares pane Oct7.jpgDSC_6080.JPGDSC_6019.JPG
I created this template which you can download here, it's copied from the one Alicia used in her post.

See my tutorial on how to use templates in PSE here

mouse over to see another point of focus:
thanks to Ashley Sisk for helping me do this mouseover!

While you're here I hope you'll take a minute to VOTE for your favorite photo from this week's photography challenge.

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