Monday, October 10, 2011

I must be a glutton for punishment

Emma - folding laundry
Emma - 2004

I love the phrase "glutton for punishment" 90% of the time that I want to use it I can't remember it...

... anyway, the kids are home from school today and I must be a glutton for punishment because I asked the kids to help me fold all the laundry - since there were home. I've been asking them to help me fold laundry for years. Wow, I feel kinda' old writing that. Anyway - I learned something important today. That every chore goes so much better if I participate with them. Yes, every once in a while they are able to complete a chore without me but usually not without a lot of discipline and fighting. 

I was trying to get the kitchen cleaned while they were folding it, but I was seriously loosing it, y'all. The drying my hands every two minutes to come settle the latest fight or complaint, the reminding to not be so easily offended. I was pretty much right on the edge of setting a not-so-great example for my kids on how to be patient. I really hate feeling that way.

So I put on some calm music and sat down with them. I folded, the youngest kids helped put the folded laundry into their appropriate piles. And they didn't fight again. I've noticed that the same works for cleaning up rooms. 
Emma today

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