Monday, October 10, 2011

Creativity and the simplicity of balance

Balance is tough. Balance is something we work hard for, we worry about and we talk about it a lot. This is what I've learned - balance is about rhythm. I read something once when I was just starting out as a mom that has stuck with me and matured into how I now see the meaning of balance. I read that balance is less like a waiter balancing a bunch of plates struggling to not drop any of them, rather it is like the metronome of a grandfather clock swinging one way - then it swings the other. Balance is more about the rhythm of my life than it is about having all of my ducks in a row all of the time and everything neatly in it's priority sorter. Our lives aren't static, we are moving people and our sense of balance must be a moving balance.

happiness is the first flowers of spring

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