Saturday, October 8, 2011

At Dusk

Daniel left last night to go to the store - leaving me with my beautiful boy and some beautiful evening light...  It was a wonderful quiet evening with the TV off. I know this is a lot of photos but I just couldn't pick one favorite. As you can tell - I'm really digging that darker, under-exposed look at the moment. 

The quilt in these photos is one that my mom made for me... I LOVE it.

My basic editing procedure with these (in PSE 7) was to add a gradient map level, a levels layer and for the brown ones I added a medium brown square at about 21% opacity. I should have changed the layer mode to overlay. That makes a big difference for how PSE applies the layer to the image. Also for a few of these I made high pass and gaussian blur filters and then then used the eraser tool at 300px big and varying levels of opacity to bring out details (around Eli's face) and soften some of the noise.

I've been editing photos all morning and have lots more to show you tomorrow!

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