Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekend Reading

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We all know that Google+ is still kind of a lonely place these days as momentum is building and people are connecting and figuring out how to use it (and remembering to use it!)

Alicia of Project Alicia  makes it a friendlier, more beautiful place to be! (also check out her new Facebook page!! it's too cute)

The other night I found Tara Gentile on Google+ and I am doing a little happy dance here at my computer. She is my all-time-favorite blogger - she encourages and inspires  and energizes me like nobody else. Reading her blog and following her on Twitter (and now Google+) makes me dream bigger and work harder. If you don't know who she is -  do yourself a favor and follow this link now!

Also you should totally follow Courtney K, Branson & Ashley of Nine to Five, show some loving to these peeps and turn these doubters into fans!! ;)

Okay - I'm off to Atlanta to visit my sisters and do a photo shoot for the fabric shop my mom works at - so that's all I have for you today. If you don't already follow me on Twitter or Google+ I hope you'll change that today!

Got anyone you love following on Google+ or Twitter?  Leave me a comment!!

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