Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend Reading

I just adore doing these posts. I look forward to them every week!! But first of all I need to mention that I'm doing one of those have I lost my mind?! specials for my photography classes. Check it out here. Also my photography challenges are starting again the first Tuesday of October. I've posted a theme schedule in the sidebar. Hope you enjoy these!

via: color love

This is a brilliant micro blog you'll LOVE! It's photos with coordinating color pallet's 

one of the cutest etsy shop designers I've seen!! Her work is totally trendy and just brilliant. Stop by her shop and her blog and show her some LOVE :)

the most amazing fabric site I've ever seen!!

SUCH a beautiful short film!! Totally worth the five minutes to watch it.

this is an inspiration board from 
I could spend hours on her blog!!!

credit: Jack Batchelor via here
Here's one last site:
Light Stalking - one word: amazing!
go check it out.

This week I'm linking up with my newest project:

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You can too!!

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