Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Reading

I want to start off this post with a thank you so much to everyone who has participated with the Bartering Blogger  this week. Getting the emails about sponsor swapping and seeing y'all interact made me feel so proud! I've got so many ideas for the upcoming months. First of all, just to get the hang of swapping, I've set up two new categories - books and DVDs 'cause who doesn't have a few books and movies hanging around that you know you're not going to watch or read again? Wouldn't it be fun to swap it for something new?! I've listed a few things and already have a swap in the works. I'm super-excited. If you'd be interested in guest-posting at the Bartering Blogger I'd be really happy. I'm especially looking for guest posts on fashion (i.e. what I wore) home decor, blogging tips and general inspiration.

Also I'm working at collecting sponsors for a totally amazing blog design giveaway and hosts for the biggest swap EVER. If you're interested in participating let me know

Among the things to be excited about in October is...

Have you seen this yet? It's going to be totally amazing. There are all kinds of bloggers reaching across all different blogging topics coming together for this project. This one is going to epic:

Darcy at My3Boybarians did a similar series last year and it was terrific. This has me inspired to launch my own 31 days... 

31 Days of Inspiring Photography. I am really looking forward to this series. I'll be featuring some of my favorite photos but most of all my favorite photographers - blog friends, flickr contacts and more! I don't have all 31 days mapped out yet. I'll definitely be doing a few days of inspiring photos from our friends so if you have a favorite photo let me know - especially if you've shared it on your blog with a before/after/behind the scenes I'd love to share it during this series! I'll also do some inspiring photos of nature, vintage, black and white, portrait, food... I'm thinking I might do a pinterest post of sexy male celebrity portraits - because you've really never seen amazing photography until you've seen some of those - and also the photos on pinterest and we heart it {swoon}. If there's anything I'm forgetting please let me know! (by the way the photo of me that I used for the button was taken by my very talented sister Abi

Speaking of inspiring photography - I've done A TON of blog-hopping this week promoting The Bartering Blogger and this is one of my favorites sites that I can across this week - the fashion photography on this site is really lovely and wonderfully consistent. 
I also ran across this beautiful baby blog. seriously. cuteness overload! It's like stepping into some ideal parallel universe with bearded daddies, freshly baked bread, wooden-benched churches, record players and all done so beautifully. I know I say this just about every week - but this is my new favorite blog. 
I also came across some adorable softies this week on Etsy:
Source: via Faith on Pinterest
Source: via Faith on Pinterest
Source: via Faith on Pinterest

How cute are they?!

Okay - well I have a ton of work still to do this weekend. So even though I have tons and tons more that I'd like to post I had better end this here :)

I look forward to seeing you back here again on Monday for a glimpse into my gratitude journal.
And of course I'm linking up this Friday Favorites post up with the Bartering Blogger

You can too!!

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