Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pay what you can SLR photography class: one week only!

October 3 - 31

So I totally understand that not everyone has the money to spend on an online photography class, I often struggle with how to price my classes, taking into consideration that most of the online photography classes I've found are $100 - $300 more or less. But I love teaching these classes and I want y'all with your SLR cameras to know how to use them. Because you don't need to spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on the nicest and best equipment (unless you're going to offer your services professionally) to get amazing photographs. Simply understanding how your camera works and how to use it will improve your photography - so you won't just get great pictures because you got lucky - you'll get great pictures because you know what you're doing!

So how does this "online class" thing work? I know some of you might be imagining sitting at the computer for an hour long lecture or having to log into a chat at a specific time. I promise, there's nothing like that for this class. I'm a busy mom with a loud house and a crazy schedule. I understand that you want to take a class that doesn't require you to log a lot of hours on the computer or have to be at the computer at a specific time or on a specific day.

Here's how this works: I'll email tutorials to you twice a week. These tutorials will be in .pdf format so they are easy to read, easy to save and easy to print if that works better for you. These tutorials will cover the subjects of aperture, shutter, white balance and ISO but I'll also throw in a few tips to understanding your auto-focus options, setting your camera to take multiple exposures and some of the other confusing buttons and knobs on your camera. But I'll do it in a visual, step by step format that will be easy to follow and hopefully won't overwhelm you with a lot of information. We'll move through the material step-by-step so that by the end of the four weeks of classes you'll be able to shoot in manual mode with confidence and ease - or at least headed in that direction!

The tutorials will also include assignments to practice one specific element of photography technique. I'll provide clear instructions and examples for you to imitate. There are enough assignments for you to do one a day, but I've also marked which ones are really important so that if you only have time to complete two or three in a week you'll know exactly which ones you should tackle first.

Once you've read through the tutorial you'll email me with any questions you might have, complete the assignments and then upload your photos to an online photography site - I use Flickr and that has worked really well so far. Once your photos are uploaded to Flickr you'll add them to my Flickr photography e-class group where your fellow students will be able to view and leave an encouraging comment and I'll come along and leave some feedback - which will be some critique and encouragement to help you improve.

Want to get a better idea of what this will look like? Download the Introduction and SLR Tutorial 1.1 by clicking on the links to get a preview of the material and feel free to visit the class photography group on Flickr.

Does this sound like something you'd like to do next month? For this week ONLY I'm offering registration for my October Simply SLR Photography e-class on a pay-what-you-can basis. If you can  only afford $20 that's fine, if this seems like a total breakthrough moment and you can pay $100 that's awesome. Different people have different budgets and I'm going to trust that you'll do what is best for you and your family.

I still have a class limit of 30 participants and it's currently only about a quarter of the way full so feel free to tweet this, share on Facebook (or make my day and share it on Google + ) or email this link to your friends. I'll be deleting the paypal link below at midnight Wednesday 9/28 - so hurry and register before the class fills up! Don't have an SLR camera but still want to learn more about photography? Click here (and scroll down) to find out about my Simply Basics and Simply Bliss classes which don't require an SLR camera to participate.

I can't wait to see you there!

P.S. Those of you who paid the full registration price will get priority for receiving feedback on their photos and are not eligable for recieving a refund.

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