Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my little boy

Is it really Wednesday already?! Please somebody come along and tell me that I'm wrong and it's only... let's say Monday, maybe? I only got one thing crossed off of my to-do list so far and I have the most ginormous pile of things screaming for my attention.

I recently took a bunch of photos of Eli & Josiah... so you'll probably be seeing a lot of them this week! But you won't mind, will you? ;)

I laid Eli down on this rug for a moment to help Josiah and when I looked down at him on this rug I just knew I had to take a photo of him on it. I didn't get the exact shot I was looking for but this one is pretty close. Isn't my little guy so adorable?!

I think I'll take a photo of him on this rug every month. I wanted to do a project like that but couldn't settle on what to do photograph him with/on.

Eli is starting to become much more alert and has given us all some really great smiles. I am really loving that. It felt kind of weird having him always look back at me with such a blank newborn expression. Now that he's able to interact more it's getting even better... just wait until you see tomorrow's photos though - those are some terrific smiles.

In this shot I was playing with DOF - I couldn't seem to get the rug out of focus without looking strait up Eli's nostrils. The focus should have been sharper on his eye - instead of his nose/mouth area, but the tones are really nice and this is the best of my shallow DOF set. Not exactly what I had in mind - but still really cute.

Josiah thought Eli was getting way too much attention so he joined the photoshoot! I really like this one. Josiah is growing up so fast. It blows my mind. 

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