Monday, September 12, 2011

Christmas Ideas to Start NOW: Family Cookbook

Christmas is just around the corner and for those of us who like to give thoughtful, handmade gifts but usually don't think o it until December 1st - here is a new series of blog posts for you: Christmas Ideas to Start NOW!

Here's an idea from apartment therapy's kitchn : the family cookbook

My sister and I did this together one year, we filled it with photos of our family throughout the years and some of our family's favorite recipes. Here's one of the pages I made:

Here are some examples I found in the Blurb marketplace

view it here
If you're thinking about starting one of these I highly recommend you use Blurb to print it. It's extremely easy to use and when it's finished you'll have a beautiful, sturdy book to give.

Do you have any ideas for this series of posts? Please send me an email I'd love to feature your project, product or have you guest-post!

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