Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Ordinary Day

Someone asked me today what my typical day was like. I always have a difficult time answering questions like that but I thought I'd try here.

6am always comes way too early. I nurse Eli, stumble out of bed, brew a cup of coffee and start getting the kids' breakfasts ready.
7am and I make sure that all of the kids are up and getting ready for the morning. I drink a tall glass of Simply Orange orange juice (once you start buying Simply Orange it spoils you for all other kinds of orange juice)
I am really glad that we've managed to keep TV out of our morning routine. We used to get up and watch TV, eat a little cereal get ready for school and the head out the door - all with the TV on. I'm trying to really limit the amount of TV and computer time as much as I can, especially during the week.
8am we have to make it to the bus stop by 8am - today we just barely made it.

Walking home from the bus stop I have to decide what to do during the day. Today I wanted to curl up on the couch and go back to sleep but instead I did an exercise video that I checked out of the Library. It's a 20 minute yoga workout and it was a great way to start the day. Last week I was doing a mommy and me yoga workout that I highly recommend. It was especially great because it was gentle and I could do the entire workout with Eli awake in my arms. This week I've been trying to make it through Jillian's Yoga Meltdown, it's probably the hardest workout I've ever done.
After my workout I might eat breakfast I try to eat a high protein breakfast like some greek yogurt or an egg. Sometimes I'll eat a bowl of oatmeal with the kids. I'm pretty bad about skipping breakfast. (I realized this week that I have to eat breakfast and take a little rest or it affects my milk supply - oh well. That's just the season of life I'm in!) My favorite breakfast is toast with peanut butter and honey, I could eat it every morning! But I haven't found a bread that doesn't aggravate my wheat allergy and chronic yeast infections so I try to avoid it.
After breakfast I have to nurse Eli again and out him down for his nap, I might sneak in a shower here.
9-10am is one my best hours of the day, but it is also one of the hours when Josiah wants my attention the most. So some mornings we might go outside and do a little weeding, or we might work together to clean up the house or start some laundry. We also work a little on some preschool activities. We use a couple educational apps on the iPad. My favorites are Park Math and Word Wagon by Duck, Duck, Moose. We also do a page in the A beka Phonics primer. That is how I was taught to read so it's easiest for me to teach that way. We pretty much do it to kill time and gives Josiah something stimulating to do.
J is for Josiah!
10am this is (sometimes) Josiah's video game time, if Eli is awake and ready to nurse again I'll play video games with him or I might work on the computer for a little while. It's also our running errands time. If we need to we'll go to Wal-Mart or the Library or like the other day we went on a MOPs play date.
11am we are getting ready for lunch around this time. Josiah eats a peanut butter butter and honey sandwich every day and some yogurt or fruit, depending on what I have on hand.
12pm story time for Josiah - we'll lay down on his bed and read a few books and then Josiah takes his nap. One of the things I love about Josiah at this age is that his attention span is getting longer and he will let me read and read and read to him. He's always been a huge fan of being read to, it's just that now instead of reading the same one book over and over at nap time we are reading longer books (like early chapter books) or several picture books.

1pm this is my time to clean up the house, work on the computer or take a nap. I also have to nurse Eli again. He usually has some of his best alert time during the 1pm -3pm window of time that Josiah might sleep so I 'll sit in a chair and "talk" to Eli and watch him smile. I'd like to find some activities to purposefully stimulate him and give us something to do during this time now that he has improving eye sight and head movement.
3pm Josiah gets up and we hang out for awhile, we like to play "Mother May I" "Simon Says" and a very simple version of "Charades", we might play Angry Birds on my iPad, or play his Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game if he hasn't had a chance to play that yet.
4pm sisters come home from school. We have a snack and work on homework. So far this year is going better than last year. Last year Beth started 3rd grade and her homework load was massive. Most days she would spend the entire time from when I picked her up from school to bed time working on her homework. So far that hasn't happened yet this year. Emma is now in 3rd grade but is a little more self-disciplined to stay on task and get things done and Beth does most of her homework waiting for the bus. Yay!
5pm I start making dinner - usually something uber simple, like Spaghetti. We've done a lot of Hamburgur Helper lately too, which I think is kinda gross but everyone likes it and will eat it without complaining. The hubs sometimes helps me with this.
6pm dinner - still a pretty crazy part of the day, it's still hard to finish a conversation at the dinner table, but the kids enjoy talking.
7pm depending on how hot it is and how tired the kids are I will either send them outside to play or we'll sit down and watch "America's Funniest Home Videos". We were having a big problem with the kids being wild after dinner, it didn't matter what I fed them, they'd go crazy after dinner and literally run around the house screaming.
8pm baths and bed time. The kids get in bed by 8:30 most nights, depending on if I give everyone baths or not and how cooperative they are bein or how tired I am. My oldest girls stay up and read until around 9:30 and I'm usually on the couch watching TV falling asleep. The hubs and I will be watching a news show, TV drama or reality talent show. Right now I'm just too tired to do much of anything at night but I have to stay up until the kids are asleep which puts me in bed around 10pm. Sometimes, especially if I've taken a nap, I'll get a second wind and will have the energy to work on my photography classes at night after everyone is in bed, then I'll go to bed between 11 or 12. Before Eli was born my regular bed time was 12-2am, but now I'm falling asleep on the couch or going to bed at 10-11pm

and then it starts all over again!

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