Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Reading

I want to start off this post with a thank you so much to everyone who has participated with the Bartering Blogger  this week. Getting the emails about sponsor swapping and seeing y'all interact made me feel so proud! I've got so many ideas for the upcoming months. First of all, just to get the hang of swapping, I've set up two new categories - books and DVDs 'cause who doesn't have a few books and movies hanging around that you know you're not going to watch or read again? Wouldn't it be fun to swap it for something new?! I've listed a few things and already have a swap in the works. I'm super-excited. If you'd be interested in guest-posting at the Bartering Blogger I'd be really happy. I'm especially looking for guest posts on fashion (i.e. what I wore) home decor, blogging tips and general inspiration.

Also I'm working at collecting sponsors for a totally amazing blog design giveaway and hosts for the biggest swap EVER. If you're interested in participating let me know

Among the things to be excited about in October is...

Have you seen this yet? It's going to be totally amazing. There are all kinds of bloggers reaching across all different blogging topics coming together for this project. This one is going to epic:

Darcy at My3Boybarians did a similar series last year and it was terrific. This has me inspired to launch my own 31 days... 

31 Days of Inspiring Photography. I am really looking forward to this series. I'll be featuring some of my favorite photos but most of all my favorite photographers - blog friends, flickr contacts and more! I don't have all 31 days mapped out yet. I'll definitely be doing a few days of inspiring photos from our friends so if you have a favorite photo let me know - especially if you've shared it on your blog with a before/after/behind the scenes I'd love to share it during this series! I'll also do some inspiring photos of nature, vintage, black and white, portrait, food... I'm thinking I might do a pinterest post of sexy male celebrity portraits - because you've really never seen amazing photography until you've seen some of those - and also the photos on pinterest and we heart it {swoon}. If there's anything I'm forgetting please let me know! (by the way the photo of me that I used for the button was taken by my very talented sister Abi

Speaking of inspiring photography - I've done A TON of blog-hopping this week promoting The Bartering Blogger and this is one of my favorites sites that I can across this week - the fashion photography on this site is really lovely and wonderfully consistent. 
I also ran across this beautiful baby blog. seriously. cuteness overload! It's like stepping into some ideal parallel universe with bearded daddies, freshly baked bread, wooden-benched churches, record players and all done so beautifully. I know I say this just about every week - but this is my new favorite blog. 
I also came across some adorable softies this week on Etsy:
Source: via Faith on Pinterest
Source: via Faith on Pinterest
Source: via Faith on Pinterest

How cute are they?!

Okay - well I have a ton of work still to do this weekend. So even though I have tons and tons more that I'd like to post I had better end this here :)

I look forward to seeing you back here again on Monday for a glimpse into my gratitude journal.
And of course I'm linking up this Friday Favorites post up with the Bartering Blogger

You can too!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bartering Blogger Swap

I am so excited about this post! It's my very first swap link-up post - the first of what I hope will be many and the result of a lot of thought and work.

Here are a few things I have available to swap. I've got a bunch of boxes of books/dvds and CDs in m garage that I'll be unpacking soon and putting some of those things up for swap.

Design on a Dime, When Life and Beliefs Collide, National Velvet, The Birthday Book

 When Life and Beliefs Collide by Carolyn Custis James in good condition

 National Velvet - there is a little rip on the front cover and a bent corner

The Birthday Book by Shelly Radic in perfect condition

Date Night, Signs, Black Swan

Black Swan -  perfect condition, only watched it once

Signs - very good condition. we've had it for a while but it looks and plays just fine.

I'm interested in swapping for:  
books - popular fiction, historical fiction, photography, autobiography, devotional

I'll pay for the shipping costs for my items if you'll pay the shipping cost for yours. Send me an email to make an offer!! 

I'm linking up at:
this link-up is open until the end of the month

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LAST DAYS for pay what you can special

Eli and I are just dropping in for a moment to let you know that the "pay-what-you-can" special for my October beginners SLR Photography class ENDS on 9/28 at 11:59pm

It's going to be so much fun!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Installing a "Grab Button" block in your sidebar in Blogger

If you haven't read my "How to Install a Button in Your Sidebar" post click here

Figuring out the code to place a "grab my button" block was one of my first really hair-pulling moments in my journey of blogging. I read a bunch of tutorials and still had NO CLUE what I was doing!! Eventually I figured it out though, so I thought maybe you'd like it if I shared it here.

First go to your blogger dashboard. Click on the "layout" button and then "add a gadget" choose "html/java script" and then you'll want to paste this code into that box:

<img src="" width="150" /> <br/> <textarea style="text-align:left" rows="4" cols="16"><a href="" target="_blank"><img width="150" src="" /></a></textarea>

So what the heck does it mean?

img this means "image" and is the prompt for inserting an image
src this is the "source" url for your image
Then I like to follow up my image source with a width/height code
Make sure to use the <   /> brackets!! They are very important :)
Once you have that code - you've inserted your button image!!
<br/> this will insert a break between your button image and the grab text
textarea this is what creates the little scrolly-thingy text box
style= this is where you can tell the text box to align the text to the left, right or center.
rows= this is telling your browser how many rows of text you want to display
cols= I love this little bit of code since this is what manages how wide my text box will be and allows me to match the width of the text box to the width of my button if I so choose.
<a href etc... I explained all of that in my last blogger tutorial which you can find here.
</textarea> this is what closes your text box!

So there you go - how to code your grab badge. You're practically a blogging ninja now ;)

Making a blog badge is quite easy. You can even do it for free in Picnik! If you need to have a button made or want to have your button redesigned, here are a few designers I've found that can help you! Fleur Bloom
Amber's Articles
Casey Leigh
Life Made Lovely Designs
Do you offer blog button design? Leave a link to your blog in the comments!!

Next week's blogging tutorial will be for Word Press users. I have a free WP account so hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to do that. If you have a WP blog and you'd like to do next week's blog tip tutorial (or one for in the future) please send me an email! I'd be thrilled to have you. Read that tutorial here

Good morning Monday

It's Monday and what better way to start the week than with a post of gratitude...

I started keeping a gratitude journal thanks to the encouragement of this wonderful blogger:

her book is really wonderful and I spent lots of hugely pregnant evenings reading it and my heart growing and changing and softening...

It's amazing looking back through these past three months at all of these moments of gratitude. Some of these moments of trying to find something to be grateful for have been life-changing. But most of these things are just every day ordinary things - but still worth mentioning.

I am thankful for:

snuggles from my kiddos in the early morning before school

silly kiddos playing happily together - for the moment

smiles from my little guy
single friends 

one of my single friends from church came over and spent the day with my kiddos and me on Saturday. We visited this abandoned old house and took a few photos. She is such a gem!

the sing-off: now that is going to be some great TV!
students in my photography class
support from my online community for my newest project

a nice cup of tea
sweaters & hot tea - I love this time of year!

I'm also linking up with:

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P.S. if you're looking for some new bloggers to swap sponsor buttons with please visit the Bartering Blogger to link up and swap buttons! 

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