Friday, August 12, 2011

School lunches and cell phone pics

I found this awesome little app called "Little Camera" and I'm really enjoying it! It has lots of effects to apply and us easy to use. 
 Here is Eli this week. I've started putting him in his swing now and he seems to really like it - he's such a little guy!! 

Totally scored on a new little shirt dress for K-A only $2 

School lunches - it's that time of year again!! My kids love eating peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I started using reusable containers for their sandwiches and I reuse these little plastic juice bottles and refill them with juice or sports drink (when it's on sale). It's more economical and reduces waste. Another staple in their lunches are string cheeses and yogurt tubes - which I store in the freezer, they are still cold bu the time the kids are eating their lunches. Frozen yogurt tubes also make a great after-school snack. For me it's totally worth the extra little bit of money to buy their yogurt in tubes.
This little tree frog has been hanging around the house for the last couple of days.

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This is my favorite shot from this week - I did very little photography this week and this is one of the very few shots I took with my SLR - and I even took the time to do a clean edit! I love how tiny he looks in this shot.

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