Sunday, August 7, 2011

my week in cellphone pics... and a favorite for the week

bath time
taken on Samsung Galaxy S cell phone
edited in Picnik
I have an android, not an iPhone, and I don't have an in-phone editing program (boo hiss) if you have any recommendations for android photo editing apps PLEASE leave a comment!  I edited this using Picnik, which worked really well, but I'd rather have done the edit in-phone, like an instagram...
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So here's what we've been up to this week... or at least the moments that I captured with my cell phone!
 Lunch time!! That means a lot of sandwiches for my crew. One day this week Beth helped me by making sandwiches for her siblings while I nursed Eli - she is such a big helper!
my little guy - two weeks old
Sometimes in the middle of his nap Eli will get restless and start squeaking and squawking  the way only newborns can. I'll either swaddle him tightly (the secret to a tight swaddle is to use two blankets) or I'll drape his afghan over his legs. That quiets him right down to finish his nap.
sweetly swaddled
that huge post-partum belly is starting to go away!! 
Josiah & Eli at nap time
my boys, taking their naps
Eli - two weeks old - so tiny!
Eli in my baby carrier from Lucky Baby
I'm still getting the hang of wearing such a tiny baby again - usually I have Josiah in my sling.
look who has a cute belly button now?! 
Josiah crawled into Eli's bed this week!!
All snuggled in his car seat ready to go to the doctor's for his 2 week check-up!
He's already gained nearly a pound!!
We celebrated Katie-Abigail's sixth birthday on Saturday!! (Her birthday is actually on Monday) We gave her the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean video game - so much fun!!
Sill reading "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp
I REALLY love it!!
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This is my favorite photo for this week. It is my favorite because I finally got a shot that I think shows off Eli's beautiful blue eyes. I've read that you can't know for sure what color eyes your baby will have until they are around a year old - so I want to remember these beautiful dark blue eyes that he has now.  Which is more difficult to do than I thought it would be.  I also really love the photo of my new little guy and the hubs that I shared here.

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