Sunday, August 28, 2011


 I was outside with my boys (I never get tired of saying that... my boys... ) the other day and because our psycho sprinkler system had turned on that morning (even though it's set to go on at an entirely different time of day) there were all of these drops of water in the grass. It sucks for playing in but visually it's stunning. The sunlight reflected off the individual drops of water like a million diamonds in the grass... I knew I couldn't let the moment go by without trying to capture at least one tiny bit of it with my camera. Posting this photo I'd like to also take a moment to say how happy I am right now. In between the moments of self-doubting and exhaustion and whatever other misc. crap happens to come my way, I'm really truly happy.

I'm happy because I choose gratitude over self-pity and complaining and worry... and here are a few things I'm grateful for today

early morning little-girl snuggles
exuberant greetings from my little man
the smell of my newborn son
a few days of peace(ish) with my oldest
an uninterrupted yoga practice
a visit from my grandparents
mint oreos

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