Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eli's tests

Thanks so much to everyone who's left a comment and sent me messages on Facebook and Twitter it is so nice to be so well cared-for.

this is me, holding Eli after he'd had his IV put in

Eli's tests went well. The first test was called a MAG-3 and when we got there they put an IV in, Eli only cried for a few minutes while they were taping the IV in place, then they gave us a few minutes for him to settle down, (having that soother with us is almost as important as diapers! The sucking calms him down and helps him relax) then they put in a catheter. When he was catheterized for his VCUG it was pretty traumatic and took a long time, thankfully this time it was really quick and Eli barely cried at all. Then they secured Eli to the bed with some rolled towels on either side of his belly to keep him from moving during the test. Then they injected isotope into his IV and monitored him for an hour while we watched his kidney process it. Once the test had started Eli started screaming - pretty much the loudest I've ever heard him scream, but because he had to be still for the test I couldn't pick him up to comfort him.
Thankfully he settled down after about ten minutes he slept for a bit the when he woke up he screamed again, but only for maybe five minutes this time. I couldn't wait for that test to be over! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it sure wore Eli out, he nursed and then slept soundly for just about the rest of the day.
After the MAG3 Eli had an ultrasound of his kidneys. We got to see the fluid in his kidneys, this was the first time I got to see the ultrasound images of his kidneys. His left kidney had probably three times as much fluid in them as his right and his left ureter is a good bit larger than his right.

At the end of our time at the Children's hospital we saw the urologist. Our pediatrician highly recommended him and I feel confident in his opinion. The urologist said that since Eli has adequate function in his left kidney and since there was no obstruction evident in the tests that we would just monitor Eli's hydronephrosis and dilated ureter with an ultrasound every three months. So our next ultrasound will be in November.

I'm really glad for such a positive diagnosis and will continue to keep y'all updated.

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