Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eli is 3 weeks and I am really tired!!

Eli turned three weeks on Tuesday! He is growing, growing, growing - outgrowing his newborn size diapers and onesies. He's generally sleeping well though he's a little fussier than before, but I'm starting to learn his cries a little bit better and am getting more intuitive about what is wrong when he's fussy. Eli is smiling more and is alert for longer periods of time. Most days he usually has two nice long stretches of alert time in mid morning and early evening. He's still squacking a lot he remind me a lot of the big bird on the pixar short I really should video it.

I am really tired. I forgot how much time and energy it takes to take care of a newborn - just the feeding and the changing and the bathing and the naps and oh, I should eat something too and a shower would be nice and no Josiah you can not start getting up at 5:30 in the morning! My girls have started school and it is going well so far - I really like their teachers so far and the kids are enjoying going to school and riding the bus. Thankfully I had lower expectations of my productivity this year so I'm not disappointed at the trivial amount that I am able to do in a day - now that I am Josiah's full-time playmate once again.

I have started driving again (yay!) I went and renewed my license today - which was way more stressful than I thought it would be even with just Josiah & Eli. Eli had his first diaper blow-out in public (eeeew) and Josiah was just so very curious about everything. So now I have the stereotypical ugly driver's license photo but the correct address. We also went to the Library so now everyone is happy about their new books and Josiah has a new Backyardigans DVD to watch. My headaches have pretty much all gone away - yay for hormones starting to get back into some type of balance again!

I'm also starting to think about the rest of the year's photography classes. If you haven't already signed up to be notified of new classes be sure to do that on my photography classes page and let me know which class you'd like for me to host, I also want to start writing some new classes - especially a product photography eclass for Etsy shop owners and an advanced class... but still have a lot of research to do for either of the classes.

So did you watch So You Think You Can Dance tonight? Melanie is far and away my favorite. If you haven't visited the SYTYCD website this season you might not know that they've posted full episodes as well as clips of individual dances on there (yay!!) Favorites so far - Melanie & Robert - Top 4 (I LOVE Robert from Season 7!! He did a piece with AllStar Allison to "Fix You" by Coldplay that was just fantastic)  Melanie's solo from last week, Melanie & Twitch - Top 6, Sasha & Kent - Top 6, Melanie & Neil - Top 8... yeah pretty much everything Melanie has done has been brilliant.

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