Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Editing Challenge

As many of you know editing is not my strong suite.  So when I saw this photo that I took of myself and my sweet new little son I just knew that with a good edit it would be awesome! However... after about twenty minutes of fiddling with it I gave up. I just don't know what direction to go with it... so I thought I'd post it here and invite you - my amazingly talented readers to edit it and link up your ideas below. I know there are lots of "edit-me" challenges going around so if you don't participate, I don't mind. I just thought it might be a fun little thing to post here...

Download my photo - either by right clicking on the image below and clicking "save image as" or by downloading it from Flickr.
Edit it as much as you'd like.
Grab my blog button below and include it in your blog post.
Please make sure to credit the photo as by me (Faith R) and the edit by you! 
Link up your blog post below. The link-up is open until the end of the month!! :)

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