Friday, August 19, 2011

A BIG announcement!

While I haven't been writing here as much this week I have been VERY busy this week and consequently have two pieces of very big news to share with y'all!

First of all I've started moving forward with planning for my product photography class. I'm calling it Simply Style and it will be for anyone with any type of camera with tips for SLR users, focused on helping Etsy shop owners or anyone with a handmade/vintage shop or any type of online shop that requires you to take photos of your products. This class will also be good for craft bloggeres and food bloggers who want to take the photography on their blog to the next level. I've been gathering a group of craft blogger, Etsy shop owners and product photographers to give me their perspective on what really works, and to share some of their tips and tricks with you! I'll be hosting this class in February 2012 with Early Bird registration opening in late fall - in the meantime I am gathering a group of five who are willing to do a dry-run through this material with me. If you are interested in being the first to get your hands on this material and providing feedback please contact me via Email or Twitter. In order to qualify for this group of five you must have an online shop of some sort, you must commit to giving prompt feedback and you must be willing to pay a small registration fee (just $20!). So mark your calendars for this exciting new class and invite your friends to join you in what I think is going to be my best photography class yet!

Wait, there's more! I told you I have two pieces of news to share - here is the second. This week I bought a blog. I never thought I would ever do something liken this but the opportunity presented itself and I took the leap and am now the owner of! There is a lot that I want to do with this site starting with a complete relaunch of the site scheduled for early September. Read my first post on here

You might think I've lost my mind to be undertaking so much with a newborn (and if you're thinking that - you just might be right) but having these projects has helped scare away the baby blues and while I know I won't be able to make as much progress on these projects as quickly as I'd like I know that I can be like the Tortise in the Tortise and the Hare and slow-and-steady my way through this.

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