Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a few photos of Beth

My oldest will be ten years old soon, she's a fairly grown-up sort of almost-ten-year-old I guess when you're the first of five it can't be helped, but I think even if she'd been an only child she'd be basically the same in that way - she's always been in a hurry to grow up (can't imagine who she get's that from). Consequently I don't get as many photos of her as her younger siblings. But I finally got a few precious moments of cooperation this weekend -which then provided a couple hours of editing bliss. 

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Katie-Abigail & Emma

I can't believe Katie-Abigail is in first grade already!

Emma & Eli

Sunday, August 28, 2011


 I was outside with my boys (I never get tired of saying that... my boys... ) the other day and because our psycho sprinkler system had turned on that morning (even though it's set to go on at an entirely different time of day) there were all of these drops of water in the grass. It sucks for playing in but visually it's stunning. The sunlight reflected off the individual drops of water like a million diamonds in the grass... I knew I couldn't let the moment go by without trying to capture at least one tiny bit of it with my camera. Posting this photo I'd like to also take a moment to say how happy I am right now. In between the moments of self-doubting and exhaustion and whatever other misc. crap happens to come my way, I'm really truly happy.

I'm happy because I choose gratitude over self-pity and complaining and worry... and here are a few things I'm grateful for today

early morning little-girl snuggles
exuberant greetings from my little man
the smell of my newborn son
a few days of peace(ish) with my oldest
an uninterrupted yoga practice
a visit from my grandparents
mint oreos

Saturday, August 27, 2011

weekend reading

So you know, every now and then I like to feature some new friends on Google+ these are people who you really ought to be following! Their streams are simply wonderful.

Kristi B

Peter F
he posts a lot of stuff

Sari S

Tammy Lee Bradley

I must be living under a rock because I just discovered Babble Voices - but I'm warning you, click on this link if you have at least an hour to kill!! ;) This site reminds me why I want to be a "pro blogger" someday.

Fiddleheads - this is my new favorite band.

and this is my new favorite song.

Happy weekend!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Birthday Gift for YOU :: Blurb giveaway winner & coupon code

Today is my birthday, my husband surprised me with a beautiful birthday card (I am such a sucker for birthday cards!) and the stroller I've been talking about pretty much since the day Eli was born - this thing isn't a nicety it is a necessity! I am so pleased.

So I want to spread the birthday loving around a bit and announce the winner of my Blurb $75 coupon!

There were so many great comment - here are some of my favorites:

Betsy said...
We are taking our grown kids on a 2 week trip to Scotland and Ireland. I would love to make a Blurb book to capture our memories. Thanks for offering this give-a-way.

Rachel said...
I'm working on a P365 so when I make it into a book, it will be huge! A $75 gift card would be amazing! I love Blurb!

Jessica said...
I'd make a Blurb book about my first year of college!

Shyann said...
I've been using Blurb for years so a gift card would go towards my next blog book. I have one made every year for my personal blog.

Tara said...
I'd do a photo book of baby #2's first year -- I'm determined that he has just as many photos as baby #1. I've been wanting to try Blurb forever!

Chelsea said...
When summer comes to a close I will have taken photos for every season. It started with fall, then winter, spring and now summer. I would love to turn them into a book!

And the winner is...
one of my new friends Nicolette
Nicolette said...
I would love to make a cookbook.

Congratulations Nicolette!!

But that's not all - since I hate choosing just one winner and leaving every one else out, I have a coupon code for the rest of you: BLURB20 | 20% Off Your Blurb Book | Expires: August 31, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: raindrop on hydrangea

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I took my camera outside this morning after I took the kids to their bus stop. I saw that there were still a few drops of water on the hydrangea bush by our front door.

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Eli's tests

Thanks so much to everyone who's left a comment and sent me messages on Facebook and Twitter it is so nice to be so well cared-for.

this is me, holding Eli after he'd had his IV put in

Eli's tests went well. The first test was called a MAG-3 and when we got there they put an IV in, Eli only cried for a few minutes while they were taping the IV in place, then they gave us a few minutes for him to settle down, (having that soother with us is almost as important as diapers! The sucking calms him down and helps him relax) then they put in a catheter. When he was catheterized for his VCUG it was pretty traumatic and took a long time, thankfully this time it was really quick and Eli barely cried at all. Then they secured Eli to the bed with some rolled towels on either side of his belly to keep him from moving during the test. Then they injected isotope into his IV and monitored him for an hour while we watched his kidney process it. Once the test had started Eli started screaming - pretty much the loudest I've ever heard him scream, but because he had to be still for the test I couldn't pick him up to comfort him.
Thankfully he settled down after about ten minutes he slept for a bit the when he woke up he screamed again, but only for maybe five minutes this time. I couldn't wait for that test to be over! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it sure wore Eli out, he nursed and then slept soundly for just about the rest of the day.
After the MAG3 Eli had an ultrasound of his kidneys. We got to see the fluid in his kidneys, this was the first time I got to see the ultrasound images of his kidneys. His left kidney had probably three times as much fluid in them as his right and his left ureter is a good bit larger than his right.

At the end of our time at the Children's hospital we saw the urologist. Our pediatrician highly recommended him and I feel confident in his opinion. The urologist said that since Eli has adequate function in his left kidney and since there was no obstruction evident in the tests that we would just monitor Eli's hydronephrosis and dilated ureter with an ultrasound every three months. So our next ultrasound will be in November.

I'm really glad for such a positive diagnosis and will continue to keep y'all updated.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Eli is one month old

Eli turned one month old on the 19th! I wanted to write a post but I was sick with a little mastitis and haven't done much of anything other than lay on the couch and be miserable... but I'm feeling better today.

I can hardly believe that we have already made it through the first month!! In some ways it's been really hard, in other ways it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. Eli is growing bigger and stronger by the day! He awake for longer stretches and smiling more - which we all just love!!

This also means that it's time for Eli's follow up appointments at the children's hospital. I wrote a little bit about our journey so far in this post, in case you didn't catch it. In a couple hours we leave to go to the hospital and Eli will have a MAG3 kidney scan. He'll also have another ultrasound and a follow-up appointment with the urologist. It will be a long day and honestly - I'm feeling anxious. Not so much about the results of the test, the very worst outcome of this test would be if Eli has a blockage in his kidney causing the swelling, in which case he would need surgery at one year, however it's common for children with Eli's condition to never require intervention. No, I'm mostly just anxious about the tests themselves and having my little guy poked and prodded and stuck with needles. I anticipate a lot of crying today - maybe not all done by my baby. My consolation is that at least Eli won't remember any of this, so it's better to go ahead and get it over with now.

Than God for grandmothers! My mom is here to keep Josiah company while we're at the hospital with Eli and to be here when the kids get off the bus... I'm so glad she could be here for me!

I appreciate all of your prayers, comments tweets and kind thoughts.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

weekend reading & my week in cell phone pics

daily inspiration
LOVE the minimalist design on this blog!!
also check out the blog of angela hardison

awesome room makeover

thank you Pinterest

DIY Yogurt tube covers - brilliant idea!!

My Week in Cell Phone Pics

so freaking tired!!

oatmeal and Raffi

walking to the bus stop 

Grocery shopping

One of Josiah's favorite books right now it's SO much fun to read!

12 pm


life rearranged Photobucket

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