Saturday, July 9, 2011

Still waiting

Apparently I am incapable of writing a serious blog post at the moment... I've done very little of anything but unpack (a little) and hangout with my kids waiting for Eli to arrive. I have this post in draft in my head... but since sitting at my computer makes my feet swell I haven't taken the time to actually write it... also there is something messed up with the java script that alters my sidebar so I haven't been able to change it at all.
My due date is NEXT FRIDAY I can hardly believe it! It really has come so quickly. Each day I wake up hoping that today will be the day I can finally be done with this pregnancy but that day will come sooner or later! The thought of my friends praying for me and for this baby have been a bright and encouraging thought through these last few days. We're praying that I won't have to be induced (again) and that everything will go well. The kids are getting very excited, though also slightly nervous since they haven't been through this in awhile and four years is a long time to a nine and an eight year old.
So hopefully in a few days I'll have lots of baby photos to post!

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