Monday, July 11, 2011

more waiting, randomness and favorites

We're still waiting on Eli - I thought for sure I'd wake up in labor this morning after a night of contractions but no such luck. Trusting God with the timing of this is more difficult then I'd like to admit, especially when I have so little control! But I am so encouraged by everyone who is praying for me - going to church yesterday was great. Great worship, a good sermon and so many encouraging words from friends who let me know that they were praying for me and my little guy.

We have finally settled on a middle name! His name will be Eli Graham - how cute is that? I was talking about it to Daniel for weeks when one day he said something that made me realize that he really wanted to have input into the name, not just a rubber-stamp approval of the name I picked out so I just sat back and let him choose the middle name. I listened, I gave my opinion and I trusted that eventually Daniel would make up his mind. We narrowed it down to two and after a week or so finally settled on Graham. It feels like there is a life-lesson in getting along with my husband somewhere in this experience.

While I'm writing about the hubs I just have to tell you what he did yesterday - not only did he order my new favorite coffee for me he dug through the kitchen trash just to make positively sure that he ordered exactly the right thing. Now that is true love! Oh yes, be jealous - be very jealous.

We found a new favorite drink last week:
It has no added sugar and is so good!! If you know of some reason why this drink is not good for you - do me a favor and keep that information to yourself ;) because I am just loving it right now.

I love the idea of having a slip-covered sofa, however I have had the worst luck trying to actually buy one for our couch. They never fit right! The one I bought most recently is very comfy and hides the stripes on our couch beautifully but it simply doesn't fit, unless I cut the cushions and I'm sure I'd just ruin the whole thing if I did that... so today I'll be bagging up yet another slip cover and returning it... and consider saving up for a sleeper sofa for when grandparents visit.

I finally downloaded Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine on my iPad - I may download the whole album soon too. I also downloaded The Lost and Found by Gretchen Parlato I can't wait for some quiet time to listen to it! Also have you heard the new song Iridescent by Linkin Park on the new Transformers pop soundtrack - ooh it is so nice. I don't know what I think of the new Colbie Caillat single "Brighter than the Sun" I'll definitely be buying her new CD - we've listened to the other two a million times, I just hope it's as good. Okay... so I'm rambling. What are you listening to?!

P.S. if you get an invite for Google+ accept it! My hubs finally convinced me to accept his invite, if it catches on it could be the next big thing. It's definitely a very cool concept. You can group your contacts into "circles" and share things with only certain circles - so you can share a link with just your blogging friends, or just your family or just your IRL friends, which I think is very cool. You can also combine different feeds all into one place, Facebook, Google Reader hopefully they'll add something for Twitter as well soon. It's still in Beta so you have to get an invite to use it, but it should be interesting to see if Google can outdo Facebook.

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