Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eli is here!

I'm blogging from the hosiptal on my phone. I've posted pics on Twitter but haven't been able to figure out how to post them here (just click on the Twitter link in the sidebar and you'll be able to see my Twitter stream).

Eli Graham was born Tuesday at 9:44am, after only two hours of active labor and only one push! I can hardly believe it was so quick! I'll be sure to write the "long version" of his birth story with all of the details that all of you othere mamas want to hear soon.

Eli is totally adorable in every way. He started nursing within minutes of his birth and I couldn't ask for a better eater. He's also sleeping and pooping well and peeing on all of the nurses :)

I think he looks most like Emma but I'm starting to see a lot of Katie-Abigail in him today. He has the perfect pouty lip like Beth and cute little sideburns like Josiah. The kids totally adore him and Josiah just wanted to hold him and hold him. I'm sure he is going to be an amazing big brother!

We hope to be able to go home today. I'm missing home so much! I'd like to be on my own couch with my littles. The boredom, quietness (and crappy food) here is driving me a little nuts.

I'll post pics ASAP!

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