Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photography Challenge: New

This week's theme is "NEW"  and there are so many things that I could post photos of... all the new stuff for the new baby is one of the things I've thought about posting, but I don't really have any good photos of that. I have this song in my head now (oh baby it's a new day...) and I'd love to take a photo for it... but I was up all night with contractions and not feeling terribly creative at the moment. So here is my shot for today's challenge: my oldest and her "new" skill - swimming. At the beginning of summer I outlawed face masks because I wanted my oldest especially to learn to swim with her face in the water... after weeks of complaining she finally gave it a try and is doing brilliantly.

At the poolAt the pool

I will be posting a top five for last week's challenge tonight and will try to get a top five post for this week's challenge up by Sunday/Monday next week.
Please grab a new button!!
Obviously, the photo must be your own, taken by you :)
Anyone can participate in this challenge, regardless of photography equipment or skill.
Your photo does not have to be taken for this challenge - but a new photo is always fun!
You can link up your blog or Flickr page - be sure to link up your post and not just your image or your blog's homepage.
Please link up only once per person.
Please link back to my blog!
Do take a minute to comment on each other's photos - it makes it so much more fun for everyone!
Link-up is open until next Tuesday.
Check out the list of upcoming challenges in my sidebar.
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