Sunday, June 12, 2011

photo shoot location test 1

location 1
I took a drive with the fam tonight to test out some locations around the Augusta/Evans area for an upcoming photoshoot. I got some super-cute pics of the kids that I thought I'd share...

The one above was taken at a local grocery store and edited in PSE7 most of the ones below were taken at a nearby church and aren't edited.
location 5
DSC_1554DSC_1579my expressive little girl!!

location 5
I really need to work on my editing skills!! This quick touch-up below is not what I'd like it to be... any suggestions?! I'll be linking up these shots for Touch-up Tuesday at Paper Heart Camera.

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

I found another awesome location - it's the side of a local auto-repair shop. I just adore the corrugated blue metal walls and the yellow thingamajigs add an awesome pop of color... if I can just compose the image correctly so that the a/c fans don't show!
location 4
edited in PSE7
really love this compostion
location 4DSC_1491

I also got some cute ones in a more natural setting... more to come tomorrow!

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