Wednesday, June 8, 2011

good things

Thanks to those of you who have participated in my photo challenge and giveaway... there's still a little bit of time to enter both!

I've been in Atlanta the last two days, visiting my family. It was a great trip - despite being hugely pregnant. It's a three hour drive one-way so it's quite the haul but it was worth it see my mom and spend some time with my sister Abi and her family. I enjoyed driving around my hometown... it's always nice to be home.

We went to the Noah's Ark rescue zoo and I took lots of photos... I tell you what, photography at the zoo is challenging!!  I was constantly changing my camera's settings and got a lot of over/under exposed shots. I also struggled with my camera's auto-focus focusing on the gates instead of the animals... I've got lots to share but I thought I'd quickly post this one for now... it's one of my favorites. Beth enjoyed taking photos of the animals almost as much as Abi & I did :)


I'll post more tomorrow!

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