Monday, June 20, 2011

An update

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my previous post. I appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes that have gone up on behalf of my family.
Our house was significantly damaged bybthe tree coming through our roof and was further damaged by a severe storm that came through on Saturday night. However, miraculously enough none of our things have been ruined during this whole ordeal. We're still waiting on an estimate from the contractor on how long these repairs may take but considering the ammount of structural damage to the house it will likely be several months before the house is livable again. It's at moments like these that we are thankful to just be renting!

We're settling into a temporary house, it's very nice (think four bedroom vacation house and you're close)and cozy. The kids have enjoyed exploring the huge yard and I've spent hours on the front porch swing crochecting my little guys baby blanket, playing scrabble on my iPad and generally chilling out. I'm actually enjoying having no cable TV (though I'm so glad we were able to bring our xbox with us!) and no computer.

We are still waiting to find out how long we will be at this house and if we will need to find s other house sooner or later. My husband's employer is responsible for our living arrangements so it's all a little more complicated. We're also praying that our little guy stays put for a few more weeks. I'm due in just four weeks! I've had our last two children earlier than that by about two weeks... Hopefully little Eli will be able to wait until life is more settled before he makes his debut!

At times like these that I have to learn to be still and take life moment by moment.

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