Tuesday, May 31, 2011


{one} this is going to be a very random kind of post - don't say I didn't warn you!

{two} this was a movie-watching kind of weekend.

The hubs and I saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and we really enjoyed it. I missed a few of the old characters but Penelope Cruz did not disappoint in her performance - she was brilliant along with Johnny Depp, I knew she would be! But for me the highlight of the movie is the Missionary - his relationship with the Mermaid is on par with something from the Twilight movies.
... or better.

I would go see the movie again, just for that.

We also took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D - it was awesome. The kids loved it, it was the first time they had ever seen a movie in 3D and it was adorable to see their reaction to the 3D. The movie was good, although the hubs and his mom almost fell asleep in the middle.
Grammy and the kiddos

{three} can we talk for a minute about how expensive it is to take a family of six to the movies?! It's highway robbery. We could have bought the DVD for everyone in our family for the price of going to see it in the theaters. Next time I'm waiting until it comes out at Redbox.

{four} I bought an awesome maternity shirt yesterday - yay for having something new to wear. I've been wearing the same four shirts for the last month and it's nice to have something cute (that I didn't have to pay twenty bucks for) to wear.

{five} I know I've said this recently but at 33 weeks preggo  I feel huge. My hands and feet have been swelling up which means lots of time with my feet up and I have also had to make myself eat a high-protein diet. I'm not a fan.

my high-protein breakfast
plus a muffin, so I won't totally loose my mind!

little guy's baby blanket... still needs a lot of work!!
have you tried this yogurt?
SO good!!
We're still trying to nail down a middle name for our little guy. I think we'll probably stick with Eli for his first name. Yesterday the hubs suggested "Flynn" for a middle name. That's kinda cool - except that it's really close to Finn which is one of the main characters on Glee and I'm not sure I'm down with that. Also it reminds me of the character from Tangled whose name was Flynn Ryder and our last name is Raider - is that too close? I'm not too sure about that. Why oh why does picking this little guys name have to be so freaking hard?! I like the idea of using a last-name type name for the little guy's middle name but I don't want it to be some random name. It ought to be either totally cool-sounding or have some kind of meaning. I'm thinking maybe Lincoln. Like Linkin Park and Lincoln Brewster. Or maybe not.

{six} the hubs and I love to go to the bookstore at the mall together... it's been our default date ever since we were newlyweds. over the weekend we went there together without kids (yaaaay!!!!) and I saw that Elizabeth Gilbert  has a new book called "Committed" have you read it yet? I think I'll be downloading it to my kindle next weekend. I looooooooved Eat. Pray. Love.  it wasn't brilliant and I hated how it ended but I enjoyed reading it so very much.

{seven} my going-into-first-grader decided that she's going to grow out her bangs this summer. She's had bangs ever since before she turned a year old so this is huge. It is so exciting to see her exercising more preference yet at the same time simply crazy that she is growing up so fast!

growing out bangs - day one
{eight} speaking of kids growing up my middle daughter lost her sixth tooth this weekend! She pulls out all of her own teeth now. It freaks her out if I try to do it. Her daddy has started calling her "toothless" too cute!

{nine} I keep saying that since so many of my favorite shows on TV are not going to be playing through the summer that I'll have so much more free time - but  now I keep seeing all these summer shows that I want to see! So You Think You Can Dance is at the top of my list. love that show. seriously. love it. I'm hoping that it will be my one show that I watch this summer and anything else that I watch will be on-demand. Like Extreme Couponing. My kids love that show. What's up with that?! I have really mixed feelings about couponing like that but it makes me think that maybe I should try a little harder to save more money on my families grocery budget.
I am SO glad we have a community pool!!

{ten} one of the upsides of taking somewhat of a break from my blog is that it has given me some time to re-focus.

June is going to be such a great month for blogging. I've been working on re-vamping the look of my blog - not a total re-design but a few tweaks that are going to go a long way. I've also got a couple super-fab blog-design giveaways and a bunch of new sponsors for the month of June which mean sponsor spotlight posts (fun!).

I'll also be guest-posting at a couple of my friends blogs (yay!) and will be working on getting my newest class ready - 30 Days of Simply SLR which is going to be a fun, socially-oriented class through the month of July (similar to the first Creativity Bootcamp) I can hardly wait!

I've also decided to go ahead and blog about things that I enjoy writing about but haven't much here. TV, movies and my kiddos for a start. I'll try to make sure that when I blog about my babies that it's clear in the title so you can skip those posts if it's not your thing :)

I'm also changing up my photography challenges! There are SO many photography challenges out there and I want mine to be more helpful that it is at the moment so I'm re-directing it towards style & technique challenges. I've got lots of ideas for these challenges and hope that it becomes even more fun and educational. If you have ideas for themes for upcoming challenges please leave a comment on my blog's Facebook page.

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