Saturday, May 14, 2011

June Sponsor Swap

Advertising and blogging - it's a conversation worth having. Are you going to place ads on your blog? If so, what types of ads are you going to place on your blog? The corporate ads are okay but they're impersonal and don't always turn into much revenue.  But then comes the really big question - how do I get bloggers to want to place an ad on my blog? That's the tough one. Unless you have a hundred followers and a thousand hits a day it can be difficult to find the right sponsors for your blog. I've struggled with this ever since I put my first "your ad could be here" button on my blog last year. One way to get sponsors is to have sponsors - that way bloggers will know exactly where on your blog their ad will be placed and be more likely to want to place an ad on your blog.

So I thought I would do something fun - something that I've seen other bloggers doing lately - a blog sponsor swap! You can place an ad on my blog for the month of June and be featured in a sponsor spotlight post for free if you will place an for my photography classes on your blog! So kick-start your summer sponsorships by becoming a sponsor of Simplicity and be featured here!

If you're interested leave a comment, send me an email, write a message on my Facebook page or DM me on Twitter! Just let me know your blog and email address and we'll work out the details :)

P.S. if you make buttons blogger buttons and would be interested in making some for me for this month please let me know!!

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