Monday, April 18, 2011

What are you cooking for Easter?

The hubs and I finally had a conversation about the menu for Easter Sunday. His mother is coming for the weekend which is a wonderful treat! So I wanted to make sure that we had a good meal planned. 

If you've been hanging around my blog for awhile now you know how much I love food photography - so I thought I'd put together a visual menu of our easter meal - gathered here and there from the blog. So here's what we came up with - more or less. 

Fried Chicken
While I'm more of a ham-on-Easter kindamama the hubs is a Georgia man, born and bred, and he and his mom enjoy fried chicken very much. I don't know how to make it so I'll probably pick it up on my way home from church. My parents are from Michigan and while I grew up in Georgia too I don't have the same kind of southern tastes as the hubs.

Green Beans
I love preparing green beans, it's just so simple and my kids love eating them so this is an easy choice.

Deviled Eggs
My mom doesn't like it when I call them that - she calls them "stuffed eggs" but whatever you call them everyone loves them and we never have any leftovers! The plan is to make these on Saturday with the kids - they enjoy helping in the kitchen and this is a great thing for them to make.

Seven Layer Salad
This is one that my mom made as I was growing up pretty often and continues to be a staple at family gatherings. There are lots of different versions of this out there but the Pioneer Woman has a recipe that is pretty much the same as what my mom made growing up. I was going to put this in the "maybe, if I have time" column of the menu but the more I think about it the more non-negotiable this salad feels to me. I'll just make a little one though. 

The kiddos love rolls. Okay, well to be honest, we all do. So I'll have several dozen rolls. This year I'll probably just buy them since my kids really like the packaged kind and I won't have time to make everything from scratch by myself this year. 

Banana Pudding
One of the hubs favorite deserts. I'll probably make mine more like a pie with a nilla wafer crust but I'm definitely doing that cool whip topping! I found a recipe for a banana cream pie with a chocolate chip cookie crust - doesn't that sound good. I won't make it this time though. 

And if I have time... 

I want to make brownies! Or possibly brownie cupcakes. Yum.

Big Sister wants to make mini Carrot Cake Cupcakes... so we'll see about that. I found a recipe that I might try and after browsing through several dozen pictures of carrot cake and finding this photo of carrot cake I just might go ahead and give into her request.

I'm thinking about making Cinnamon Rolls for during the weekend too! Probably for breakfast on Saturday. 

I found so many amazing food blogs while I was finding photos for this post - I posted my favorite on my Pinterest boards "Beautiful Food" and "Beautiful Blogs".

So what are you cooking this Easter?

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