Thursday, April 14, 2011

sweet procrastination

Little man was asleep and I had about one solid hour of uninterrupted quiet time before I had to pick the sisters up from school, and well you know the story, one thing led to another...

I have seen tumblr pages around - the concept is sweet but I haven't paid a lot of attention to them - until today when I came across this inspiational photo tumblr page and I thought "I HAVE to have one of these!"

And now I do.

Tumblr is super easy to use. Almost too easy, especially for someone like me that likes to do customization and such. And the themes! Oh my goodness, I think I spent an hour just looking at themes. There are way too many gorgeous choices!

My tumblr will be a place mostly for posting photography that inspires me - as well as some of my own favorite photos that I've taken. I still have no idea what I'm doing - I have a feeling I'll be spending a couple of late nights fiddling with it. If you're on Tumblr please let me know!

While I was happily surfing  away on the internet Emma dressed up my little man like a girl, renamed him Maribel and spent the evening telling him how to be ladylike hmmmmm....

This afternoon I also signed up for we heart it - and this is pretty much the easiest to use site in the history of social sites. I installed the google chrome thingy and tried it out using one of the photos that was submitted to this week's photography challenge. It was so easy to use. Crazy easy. I'm going to use this thing all of the time I'm sure. I haven't figured out the whole following/followers thing yet so if you are on we heart it please be sure to drop me a line with your page.

I also signed up for Pinterest (thanks so much Lynda for the invite!) okay that site is seriously inspiring! This is the first page on Piterest that I saw and I instantly fell in love with it.  I've found a few other blogger friends and I just adore the site. If you're only going to look at one Pinterest page check out Kristin's - major eye candy.  

I also made it easier for you to follow and "like" my blog posts via bloglovin - which is another insanly rich source of inspiration! I could spend all day on this page


Okay the kids are in bed now and it's American Idol time - yes... it really took me that long to write this freaking post! I hope you've enjoyed these links, and don't hate me for taking up all of your blogging time ;) I know I was so inspired browsing through them.

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