Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break is eating me alive!


I haven't forgotten about you... or about the photography challenge from last week which I still haven't posted a top five for yet (sorry)!

Having my kids home full-time this week has been fun but so exhausting emotionally, mentally as well as physically. Just the sound of all my kids crunching their chips at lunch time made me feel like I was going to loose my mind - I actually sat outside and ate my lunch by myself today. But then the movie time and cuddles later made me so very very thankful to be able to stay at home with my beautiful children. I am so very blessed.

In case you were wondering how the schedule/talking spoon/family meeting time is going - I'm surprised to tell you that it's working really well. My older kids are 9, 7 & 5 and they love having the "family meetings" twice a day to count how many stickers are on their charts. I give stickers for doing chores with good attitudes, good behavior during quite times etc. I take a sticker off for certain behaviors. The kid with the most stickers gets to pick the activity - they love it.

They also love pulling chores from our little chore bowl. I write down things that need to happen around the house on little slips of paper, they each pick one and do their chore. It's amazing how well this scheme is working. They are totally excited about it and the house is staying much cleaner than usual!

Also during "family meetings" the kids take turns saying what their favorite part of the day has been and they also give a compliment to one of their siblings for doing something well during the day. They really enjoy this part of family meetings and a chance for uninterrupted talking time. My five year old is super-funny at family meetings, especially during the time when we use the talking spoon. She holds it like a microphone - she's such a little diva! It's so funny to watch.

Last night we had a hula hoop competition on the back deck and my 7 year old, Emma, blew me away with her hula hooping skills. If you see a little girl on America's Got Talent with a hula hoop - it just might be my daughter (just kidding - but really she is amazing with her hoop!)  We timed her and she went for five minutes strait and did all kinds of silly tricks.

I thought I'd have a nice long bit of computer time today to blog and to work on photography stuff, but it didn't work out. My kids have sabotaged my computer and I've been doing mostly everything computer-related on my smart-phone - not ideal for judging a photography challenge! I'm glad my kids are enjoying the educational websites that their teachers gave to them though. They have big tests coming up next week - so we have to stay on top of the homework during spring break. 

By the way - the photo is of spaghetti Os - another one of the gross things that my kids LOVE that I seriously do not. I didn't take this photo this week - I have barely picked up my camera this month (so much for my 365 project)! The only camera I've been looking at is the one I'm trying to buy. No luck so far trying to buy a used one (I was hoping to save a little money) looks like I'm going to buy one new. The price difference is really minimal - I'm completely amazed.

Thank you to everyone who has linked up to my current photography challenge. There are SO many creative shots!! I can't wait to sit down and really enjoy looking through your photos and leave some comments.

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