Monday, April 4, 2011

Simply Bliss: Basics of Childhood Photography class list

I haven't done one of these posts lately since they take a lot of time to put together... but this is such a special class to me! Here is the list of photographers participating in this month's class. I hope you'll take a moment to get to know each other and follow each other's blog. Some of this class is made up of photographers that I've specifically invited to participate in the class, mothers and bloggers who I know will encourage the entire class with their creativity and passion for great photography. There are so many friends in this group - people I've met through blogging - students who have taken my other classes and become my friends and new students whose stories I'm just learning and can not wait to get to know better!

So here they are... in no particular order.

Courtney Kirkland 
read more about her here

Sarah Halstead
read more about her here

Joni Moore 
read more about her here

Courtney Noffsinger

Brooke Martin 

Kristin Lugbill 



Kelly-Jo Cole - Happy Homemaker
Rachel Brandt-Fisher - Delete the adjectives
Carla - Carla's Candids
Crystal - a day in the life 
Debbie - Meet the Staffords
Hannah - Bubbleboo photography
Amy - just another manic momday
Lindsay - Looking for Strawberries
Reilly - Sweet & Sour Pickles
Kassie - Actuary Mom
Samantha - SAK photography
Marah - diary of a devil dog wife
Selena - Stoneyville
Rachel - el patio preciocito
Chana - mamatown
Maryann - Mama Tales
Renee -3krazychics
Mellisa - getting all my ducks in a row
Becky -  Rub Some Dirt On It

p.s. if I linked your blog incorrectly - please let me know so I can fix it!

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