Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

High Key
high key jellybeans
click here to see my tutorial on high key photography.

love gold-star girl
This is one from the archives - I've been writing all week and all of the bedrooms are not photograph ready.

Something Tiny
something tiny
Trying to photograph this little pendant was literally exhausting. It is something that my parents gave to m when I was about fourteen or fifteen.

Off in the Distance
This rather pathetic photo is supposed to be a photo of our neighborhood pool "off in the distance" taken from our door. You can see the pool and the tall evergreen trees that surround it - if you look really closely. For something less pathetic here is a favorite one from my archives that fits this challenge well.

There were about a million things I thought of for stripes - my stretch marks were one of them - I'm sure you're glad I settled on something else! This is from my favorite mug - it's stripes, right?

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