Saturday, April 16, 2011

best. day. ever.

today started crappy



        no Saturday morning cartoons

        no sleeping in

              least not much

oh well. coffee anyone? 

made chocolate chip waffles for breakfast with nutella on top

       so               very                  good  

started uploading photos for a photo album
    'cause I got a promo code for a free album
                        and well, I might as well use it

while I waited for photos to upload

I browsed  popular blogs on bloglovin

and my kiddos made blanket forts in the living room

see what I found? 

so much loveliness

it took me four tries before I spelled loveliness correctly      ... just thought you'd like to know

so inspired.

and so I got out my camera and took lots of pictures of my kids

       being silly

       chewing gum

       giving each other kisses

and it would make sense for me to post them - right?

well, I'm not.

I will soon :)


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