Friday, April 29, 2011

baby baby baby

This baby will be here before I know it! He reminds me a lot of Katie-Abigail - really active - he likes to practice his pro-soccer moves every night, I can't wait to meet him. This pregnancy has already gone by crazy-fast, I'm already just about to start my third trimester - wow.  I am so blessed to have fairly easy, uncomplicated pregnancies -  though I've had to start really watching what I eat - my hands have feet have started swelling a little and I have pretty bad heartburn. If you have any advice about this mamas - bring it on!! 

My biggest struggle with this pregnancy has been picking a name!! Eli has been a favorite since the first weeks of this pregnancy but the hubs hasn't agreed to anything yet. His favorite name is Graham, which is growing on me - but not for a first name. I spent the morning looking through some baby name sites and wrote out a huge list of possible names - most of which I'll cross off tonight or tomorrow. A few other favorites are Ethan and Nathan and I kind of like the name Ashton for a middle name. Since this is our fifth child I kind of like the name Quinn as a middle name - since it means "fifth" but I'd like to give him something more meaningful. 

Little Man's name is Josiah Leeland and I love his name. Josiah is a name that we picked out before we were even married, we had a long car trip and were talking about future kids names. When I was pregnant with my oldest I wasn't sure I loved it, but by the time Josiah was finally born I couldn't imagine naming him anything else. Leeland comes from a band that I like, it's the name of the lead singer/songwriter.  I was looking everywhere for an artistic middle name to go with Josiah's strong, biblical first name and I love love love his unique, beautiful middle name. But now trying to find a name for our second son that I love equally and that the hubs will agree too - that has proven quite challenging! 

Here is my long, rambling list of names... 

Allen, Alden, Anderson, Ayden

Ben, Blake, Brayden (or Breaden), Bryce

Callum, Carter, Clark, Colin

Elias, Elliot, Emmett, Eoin (like Owen)

Finn, Gavin, Jack, Jake, Jonah, Jude, Jacob

Keegan, Kayden, Lewis, Lee, Logan

Milo, Noah, Noel, Nolan

Owen, Oliver, Tobias, Toby, Tate

Quin (means "fifth"), Reece (or Rhys), Rowan (or Ruan), Ryan, Riley

Teagan, Tucker, Ty, Scott, Vaughn

So what do you think - I'd love to hear your thoughts... what are your favorite names? 

thumbs up!

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