Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednsday: Things that make me go hmmmmm

The Scavenger Hunt Sunday challenge item "things that make me go hmmmmm" turned out to be super-fun to photograph. I wandered around my house looking for an abstract macro shot... I ended up with several shots that I really liked and wanted to share them today :)

Captain Crunch
My Captain Crunch  cereal shot from Sunday's Scavenger Hunt post.
This was taken with my macro filter in my cute Kitchen Aid brand cup measure.
That cereal seriously boggles my mind. My hubs and kids just love it but I do not, mostly because of how much it makes my mouth want to turn itself inside out! It just hurts - and is so not worth it. But I still buy it because it is so much less sugary than many of my family's cereal preferences.

things that make you go "hmmmm"
Another thing that makes me go hmmmm.... our all-in-one. It's supposed to scan, fax, copy & print. I pretty much just leave it alone. I knew exactly how to operate our last all in one but this one (for some strange reason) boggles my mind. I make an occasional copy and use it to print - if I want something "scanned" I take a picture of it.

Moving onto the "abstract macro" portion of this post - also taken with the macro filter. I just really like the pattern and possibility for a neat depth of field in these two shots.

The thing that makes me go hmmm about brushes is their propensity to disappear at our house. With three little girls in the house searching for the brushes is a pretty much daily occurrence - and we have four of them. Mine stays in my bathroom, in my drawer. If I had locks on my bathroom drawers it would be in the one with a lock on it.

This brush is impossible to clean. I'll never buy one of these ever again - yet it is my girl's favorite brush. They will wait for their sister to be finished using this brush just so they can use it. I really liked the perspective and colors in this shot as well as the depth of field - even if it is just a little gross.

Other things that make me go hmmm....

This ledge in my Living Room that is like eight feet up. I have no idea why anyone would want this ledge here - maybe to display stuff? My kids think it's the greatest game to see if they can throw stuff up there. Drives me crazy. Most recent additions - Little Man's pillow pet. Yeah, great. Thanks for that.

Also - kids cartoons. Some of them I get - like Phineas & Ferb. The hubs and I watch it with the kiddos and we all enjoy it. But my kids had the TV on over the weekend and were watching something that was just gross. I had to ask them to watch something else - they were quite annoyed - but seriously  who comes up with this stuff?

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