Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wait a minute... didn't I host a giveaway?

Is it seriously this late in the week already? No way! I still have dishes beside my sink from the weekend!! (sigh) I've accomplished a lot for "work" but there is still so much more to do!! I'm sure you know what that is like :)

I think it's (finally) time to post the winners from my latest giveaways and photography challenges!!

And the winners are...

Carla... she won a year subscription to a pro account on Flickr for registering for my Simply Bliss childhood photography class!!

Reilly....she won one of my upcoming photography classes!!
(thanks to for picking the winner - I never could choose between all of you wonderful people)

Michelle... she won the hearts photography challenge.

Robin and Rachel tied for first place for the colorful photography challenge.

YOU! I posted a coupon code on my Facebook Fan page for $15 off any of my classes just for you :)

Thanks for entering my giveaway!

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