Monday, March 14, 2011

Vlog about the Blog

I enjoyed listening to the conversation at Courtney N at Perfect Imperfections's blog series on blogging - some people loved the posts, a few people didn't like the negative tone but I think as bloggers it's something that most of us like to read, talk and blog about. I also read a post recently on Harper's Happenings on blogging that I felt was really encouraging! Then there was this heartfelt honest post from Courtney K on The Mommy Matters and as I wrote a comment almost as long as her blog post I knew I just couldn't help myself anymore! But wanting to do a thoughtful blog post and finding the time to sit down and put something coherent together are two totally different things (another reason why I have a photography blog!) So while I was waiting in carpool the other day I used my cellphone video camera to begin a vlog post about blogging. 

So here you go - my Vlog about the Blog! I tell you what, there is nothing like a vlog (especially self hand-held on a cell phone) to make a mama feel insecure about her appearance! And you can also see a peek into my overflowing laundry area!! I hope you'll look past that to hear my heart and be encouraged! 

If you'd like to guest-post about blogging - maybe some helpful tips on blogging or why you love to blog - I'd love to have you!

If you've got questions for me I'd love to respond to those via the comments or email.

the Mommy Matters--No Mom Talk Monday

I'm linking up with No Mom Talk Monday today!

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