Friday, March 11, 2011

Strawberry Banana Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast

Banana Strawberry French Toast
Sliced Bread - four to six slices
Eggs - two large
Milk - just a splash - less than a quarter cup
Salt - just a dash (optional)
Cinnamon - a generous sprinkle (optional)
Vanilla - about a quarter teaspoon (optional)
Cream Cheese - about two tablespoons
Strawberries - about a half cup or four large berries plus a few extra for garnishing sliced
Banana - one peeled and sliced
Powdered Sugar - just a little for sprinkling on strawberries
Maple Syrup - to top French Toast
Butter - for coating the griddle

Banana Strawberry French Toast2Slice strawberries & bananas
Sprinkle strawberries with powdered sugar and toss to coat
Mix with a whisk or fork in a pie plate or shallow pan:  eggs, milk, salt, vanilla extract, & cinnamon
Spread cream cheese on slices of bread
Layer strawberry and banana slices on bread and make into sandwiches
Banana Strawberry French Toast3
Dip sandwiches into egg mixture -  first on one side, then on the other to coat.
Melt a small pat of butter on preheated griddle
Cook Stuffed French Toast on both sides until it is golden brown
Sprinkle with powdered sugar if you like or a drizzle of maple syrup and a few slices of strawberries.

Banana Strawberry French Toast5
Banana Strawberry French Toast4

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